For my FMP I am proposing a CO- DESIGN BRAND CONCEPT specifically engaging the INNOVATIVE YOUTH CONSUMER MARKET

As my RESEARCH MOTIVATIONS highlight, my past BA research experience in the field of CULTURAL STUDIES and CRITICAL THEORY AND ANALYSIS, left me with me an enduring interest in postmodern theory and it’s corresponding themes of identity, difference, individuality and .empowerment.

This, combined with the multiple, diverse and eclectic interpretations of fashion I came into contact with at LFW SS15, prompted me to build my 7001 and 7002 MA research around what I hypothesised as the presence of a postmodern consumer; an increasingly dominant market who, in reflection of twenty first century society’s postmodern cultural shift, demands that brands recognise them on the basis of their individuality through personalised products and brand experiences.  As my 7003 RESEARCH OUTPUT on the INNOVATIVE YOUTH CONSUMER  specifically, highlights, this is something that has been reinforced by cultural theory in the context of 21st century blog culture and by the market research experts MINTEL and LSN:GLOBAL in their respective ‘Make it Mine’ and ‘Brandtocracy’ macro trend prediction reports.

In relation to this emergent consumer market, a small but distinctive DEMOCRATIC FASHION LANDSCAPE has sprung up, consisting of brands engaging with the consumer in a variety of ways on the basis of their individuality.  However as my 7003 RESEARCH OUTPUT on DEMOCRATIC FASHION and the EXISTING DEMOCRATIC FASHION LANDSCAPE highlights, the high-end nature of the majority of these brands means that they lie beyond the reach of the INNOVATIVE YOUTH CONSUMER.  I believe this constitutes a significant gap in the market based on my 7003 RESEARCH OUTPUT on the INNOVATIVE YOUTH CONSUMER, which hypothesises that as a consumer group strongly motivated by values of self-expression, this psychographic would be highly receptive to a democratic fashion concept which enables individuals to play an active hand in the creation of their own fashion.  Furthermore, the fact that the existing democratic fashion landscape appears to have been established outside the UK in Australia, China and the USA, marks the UK Market as ripe for the introduction of such a concept.

This research journey led me to construct the research question for my FMP as ‘How can the UK’s Innovative Youth Market engage with the Democratic Fashion Movement?’  To provide an answer this question I am proposing a co-design retail concept focused on the Innovative Youth Market, which enables them to participate with a young designer to create a garment which directly aligns with their wants and needs as an individual.

Critically, reflecting my strong visual and creative contentions as an FPI student, my FMP will be strongly focused on the imaging and promotional side of brand development, including the development of a strong visual brand identity, promotional imaging and visual storytelling, visual merchandising, a co-design garment product and a promotional video.


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