Co-Design Fashion Research – Crowdfunding ‘Threadless’ Digital T-shirt Printing

What is it?

When I was researching the existing democratic fashion landscape for one of my  7003 research outputs, I cam across the brand THREADLESS.  Threadless is a digital print tshirt company which presents an interpretation of democratic fashion, as it allows anyone in it’s online community to submit potential t-shirt designs, which are then voted upon with the most popular being printed and marketed on the website.

How does it inform my research process?

Finding Threadless informed my understanding of the existing democratic fashion landscape through highlighting how some companies have taken a fully consumer controlled approach, plundering the consumer market to crowd-source design ideas and decide what products they sell.  For the co-design brand concept I am proposing, I still feel that it is best to balance power between the designer and the consumer to ensure that high quality and creativity is met.  However in terms of sourcing Graduate Designers, perhaps this is something that could be crowdsourced?


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