Fashion Photoshoot – TRAID Treasures

Part of our 7004 Professional Practise Module involved the creation of a business proposal for a fashion industry stakeholder.  Seeing an opportunity to further progress my 7003 research journey, I decided to propose an integrated marketing campaign for TRAID, where the ultimate aim is to elevate the TRAID brand in the eyes of the innovative youth consumer.  A central component of this integrated marketing campaign, was visual storytelling, involving the creation of promotional imaging.  Like my past fashion shoots this term, this shoot will be documented in my Promotional Imaging Lookbook comprising one of my 7003 Research Outputs this term.

This campaign will make use of Visual Storytelling as it’s central method of communication. Promotional Imaging will be created locating TRAID PRODUCTS within a narrative signifying ASPIRATION, FANTASY, EXCLUSIVITY and ESCAPISM. This will involve a number of TRAID vintage products situated within a ‘Secret Garden setting’. This is a feature which not only specifically ties the imaging into the SGP festival partnership structuring the campaign, but signifies and reinforces the title and tagline of this campaign which promotes TRAID products as ‘Treasures’ and the brand as  ‘London’s best kept vintage Secret’.

I propose that a variation of the existing TRAID logo should be designed specifically for this campaign, that will be integrated into the promotional imaging.  This is necessary to signify to the target market, that the TRAID promoted through this campaign is a departure from it’s past ‘second-hand, low-end charity shop’ image. . To maintain credibility a professional typographer would be brought in to achieve this. However, the mock up above illustrates the concept I would like to take forward. This uses flowers to mimic a flower garland headband, evoking a strong festival vibe.

Above is a mock up of the promotional imaging which i propose should be created for this campaign.  The fact the images were taken outside meant that i did not have access to equipment available in the studio which would have allowed me to have full control over variables such as lighting.  However I feel that the soft light which came through in these images added to the overall ‘utopian’ aesthetic that I was trying to achieve.  The late blossom this year meant that there weren’t as many flowers around as i’d anticipated.  I therefore added flowers in post-production to experiment with the look I desired.


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