Secondary Research Article – How Sustainable is London Fashion Week?

What is it?

An article published in ‘Fashion London’ bringing to light the inherent unsustainability of London Fashion Week and the ‘fast-fashion’ consumption cycles it triggers.

Who wrote it?

Kerry Law

How does it inform my research?

My research is all about challenging fast-fashion, from both an environmental and social cultural perspective.  This article reinforces the arguments I have so far been making through highlighting how London Fashion Week is the pinnacle of bad practise on the sustainability front.  This is not only through it’s role in driving ‘fast-fashion’ consumption cycles, which has transformed the relationship between the consumer and the product and constructed clothing as devoid of meaning outside of ‘trends’.  Rather the event itself ‘doesn’t rate too highly for sustainability’

‘For an event that attracts over 5000 visitors, stages around 60 catwalk shows and charges 3000 mobile phones on the front row, there isn’t even an event wide recycling initiative in place’

My FMP brand, through re-investing clothing and fashion with meaning outside of seasonal trend cycles, aims to challenge the hegemony of this consumption cycle.  However, it is undeniable that London Fashion Week is here to stay and with it’s innovative and pioneering function pushing the boundaries of fashion, this is something I am completely in favour of.  However like Law, i feel that it should take significant steps to also be a pioneer on the sustainability front.


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