Promotional Video Research

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As an FPI student, I intend for aspiration and branding to form a significant component of my FMP outputs.  One of my proposed outputs is a promotional video mirroring the Ten Year Hoodie Promotional Video which initially sparked this interest. However to achieve this successfully for my FMP I intend to dedicate a component of my 7003 research to researching fashion/ branding videos to build an idea of what I want in my head.  I also intend to do a bit of experimentation in this field however I don’t know how this will play out yet.  One of my 7003 research outputs is designed to explore people’s relations with their most treasured clothing possessions to highlight how clothing can mean more than the ‘seasonal trend’ a lot of clothing has evolved to define under the fast fashion model.  To adequately capture the emotional context of this subject, I will use either video or imaging to frame this output.

How to rent a dress for Fashion Revolution Day

For Fashion Revolution Day, fashion stylist Alice Wilby looks into alternatives for special event dressing and discovers you can rent a dress – and then give it back and rent a new one.

Alice Wilby is a fashion stylist and part of Novel Beings, a collective of ‘conscious creatives’ who work with ethical fashion and beauty brands.

Wilby styled the Fashion Revolution campaign images. Her #haulternative video is all about how to dress for a special occasion. ‘The angle will be borrowing special/expensive pieces for an event that you will only wear once,’ she says.

She will be collaborating with the fashion website Rentez-Vous, which allows subscribers to rent clothes from other members of the Rentez-Vous community.


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