Secondary Research – The ID Diversity Issue: Challenging Fashion Industry Standards

I have a subscription ID magazine which I received on a bi-monthly basis.  As an editorial concerned with interrogating fashion culture, rather than commercialism, it has proved to be an incredibly valuable research resource.  My research is concerned with challenging exclusive fashion discourses currently in the hands of designers, editors, model casters ect., to democratise ‘fashion’ and enable and empower the consumer to define their own fashion and beauty standards on the basis of their individuality.  Two ‘think pieces’ in this issue, centred on women who have made waves the fashion industry without conforming to conventional ‘beauty’ standards, in particular stimulated my thought process…

1.Chantelle Winnie Interview

Chantelle Winnie has the skin condition Vitiligo, which is where patches of the skin lose their pigmentation. However the symmetry of her condition and the beautiful marks it has left on her face and body, positioning her as a model with an extra layer of beauty and interest, has acted as her calling card into the industry, rather than a barrier to accessing ‘fashion’. Consequently she has been in America’s next top model, modelled for a Nick Wright Shoot and Ashish S/S 15 collection and is the new face of Desigual.  It is models like this presenting alternative faces of beauty, who through challenging the industry from the inside out through a series of powerful top-down discourses have had an enormous impact in shifting how fashion is understood.

2. Jillian Mercado Interview: ‘Originate don’t Imitate’. 


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