Promotional Image Analysis – Jigsaw: ‘For Life not for Landfill’.

What is it?
I came across this Jigsaw advertising feature, during my ritual scour of the Sunday Times Style Magazine, promoting it’s SS15 collection. A little more research into this advertising campaign, revealed how the slogan ‘for life not for landfill’ aka. the sustainability narrative, has been embodied within Jigsaw’s product and overall brand identity this season. This is something that is set to continue to reflect consumer’s increasing awareness of sustainability issues and the irresponsibility of fast fashion consumption, driving them to brands such as Jigsaw which position ‘Style’ over ‘Fashion’.

The campaign consists of images of the company’s new SS 15 collection layered upon a background image of a landfill.  It was created by London agency ‘The Corner’ who stated that ‘this time we focus on the superior quality of jigsaw clothing against a backdrop of more disposable highstreet fashion’ and photographed by Luke Stevenson.  Ultimately, the central message projected is that the enduring nature of Jigsaws products in terms of both style and quality, means they have the potential to be with the customer for life.

True to the Jigsaw spirit, the campaign champions the maxim that style never goes out of fashion.

We believe in creating investment pieces to enrich your life, not just your wardrobe. Forget fleeting affairs with fast fashion, this is a love story to last a lifetime. Because there’s no such thing as being ‘in’ or ‘out’ of fashion.

Quality counts. From the softest Nappa suede to the 100% linen, we invest in premium fabrics to create pieces that will live with you for years to come.

Seasons change and fashions fade but style is timeless. Our SS15 campaign stands for transcending trends, outliving fads and permanence in the face of superficiality. We believe in creating clothes that become key wardrobe essentials to return again and again.

How this informs my Research?

My brand concept is all about enabling the consumer to imprint value in their fashion. The fact this message is being used as a central marketing hook by an established brand such as Jigsaw is encouraging, as the success of my brand concept is largely dependent on the sustainable consumer market.  It provides a central example of how the power of fashion can frame sustainability as aspirational, and how choosing style over fashion means that consumers can be sustainable without compromising individual wants and needs.


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