Secondary Research Article – ‘What I’ve learnt: Henry Holland’.

I get the Times Magazine every saturday, which is a great secondary resource due to its strong fashion and lifestyle focus. Most of the time there is something in it which catches my eye and this was interview with Henry Holland talking about his learnings from the industry was no exception.

How it informs my research process?

  • ”Never be scared of being unfashionable. Next week unfashionable will be the new fashionable. It’s only a matter of time. So many people can be fashionable, that’s just about spending loads of money on clothes that doesn’t really suit them. Stylishness is much more interesting’.

My entire FMP concept is centred around destabilising the fashion meta narrative projected each season through a customisation model which grants the individual the power to construct their own ‘fashion’. Henry Holland is one of the select few who partakes in defining this seasonal narrative which filters onto the highstreet. The fact this is his attitude is encouraging and insightful, though slightly paradoxical because as a high-end designer his work is coveted because it is understood to symbolise ‘fashion’. Though simultaneously despite having a strong creative identity, his fashion comprises of statement pieces which can be assimilated within an individuals personal style.

  • ‘The term metrosexual is no longer relevant. There are fewer stereotypes around men these days’.

This perspective again aligns with my personal ethos which is why I want to create a fashion concept which enables the individual to distance themselves from these stereotypes which still largely frame the industry.


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