FPI Lecture – ‘Narrative of a Fashion Story’.

Thinking about my visual development this term and the nature of the fashion system in preparation for my FMP, brought me back to a lecture Emma gave for FPI at the beginning my masters.  Whilst it was helpful at the time for providing context and advancing my understanding of the industry, I did not directly refer to it in last terms research.  However looking over my notes now, it appears highly relevant.

Key Points to take Forward…

  • A Fashion editors role is to create stories – constructing meaning around products as essentially fashion is about selling an image the consumer desires to buy into.
  • Nothing is new – dominant themes are constantly being dug up and reinterpreted by the designer to construct new meanings around products.
  • Ie. New Romantic Byronic heroes/ or the dandy are characters/images which are plundered by designers again and again.
  • Good designers plunder history and make it their own,
  • John Galliano Graduate Show (1984) – ‘l’Incroyables’ French Revolution Themed.
  • Miles Aldridge (2008) – Supermarket ‘French Vogue’.
  • Fashion craves the subversive – wishes to shock and delight to stand alone.
  • Despite new fashion’s produced each season, many established houses have a signature style.
  • Any Visual storytelling is reliant on client, budget and market.
  • Tim Walker – Ethereal trademark, enormous production, incredibly location and setting focused.
  • Corrine Day – the photographer of a generation credited with kickstarting Kate Moss’s career, who created a raw, documentary style aesthetic with fashion photography.
  • Peter Lindburgh – A german fashion photographer with a strong pictorial aesthetic that takes it’s lead from early german cinema and the the 1920’s berlin arts scene.

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