Secondary Research Article – ID: Can fashion still have a political ambition?

What is it? 

An ID think piece debating whether fashion still has the potential to serve a political purpose. It’s composition is in the form of a conversation between multiple fashion activists. How is it relevant? My research is all about fashion and politics politics from an environmental and social perspective.  This is emphasised through my FMP brand concept which is designed to function as a counter discourse to the heteronormity of fast fashion, where a co-design model will allow individuals to imprint their narrative in their clothes, creating a relationship which transcends seasonal trend cycles.  It is my contention, as a visual language common to everyone, that fashion and clothing has enormous political potential – a viewpoint which is reinforced in this article.

Key Quotes

‘Fashion can be seen as an exploration of designers’ ideologies and could be an expression of their political views, but whether a brand decides to broadcast a political message through their collections is their own decision, just as it is [up to] the industry and the final consumer to embrace or revoke it.

Any form of fashion communication has the potential to broadcast the creators ideology through it’s discourse. My fashion concept will clearly project an anti-fast fashion ideology through firstly approach in the consumer as an individual and secondly challenging consumerism and throw away fashion.

“The fashion industry should try to change itself from “a body fascist, world poisoning, labour rights violating carnival of consumption” (War On Want) to something beneficial for the planet and its inhabitants’.

This is essentially the central USP of the brand concept I intend to create – this emotive quotation is definitely something I will make use of in my proposal.


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