After the first WORK IN PROGRESS, where I presented the results of my Idea Generation, I then moved on to the conceptualisation phase of my research, where I employed a series of deductive research tools to cement these initial abstract ideas into a feasible concept, which I could then develop for FMP proposal.

These tools included DE BONO’S SIX THINKING HATS which provided a framework enabling me to consider and develop my idea from a variety of perspectives, such as why it would be needed, its potential value and benefits, why I am invested in the idea, the existing context in which it is situated, and potential obstacles.

This process was additionally aided, by the Creative Challenge competition I took part in during term 1, where the idea I proposed ended up forming the foundation of the co-design brand concept I eventually settled on for my FMP.  As I have already stated, sustainability, postmodernity and freedom of self-expression comprised my initial research motivations coming into 7003. The research proposal we had to submit as part of the Creative Challenge, answering the question ‘why is it needed?’ enabled me to align my idea with these motivations through making it clear to myself how it was situated in the fields of sustainable and democratic fashion.

It was during this process that my initial abstract thinking began to congeal into the co-design brand concept, I am presenting through this proposal.  However as my MIND MAP at this point shows this was still fairly unresolved and there were multiple areas I still wished to research in order to develop it further. Alongside my flat research documented in my RESEARCH BLOG and RESEARCH FILES, the main outputs for the conceptualisation stage of my research, comprised of a MIND MAP, my FASHION FOCUS BOARD. and a table of planned 7003 research outputs designed to enable me develop the 4 aspects of my FMP idea, in preparation for my FMP proposal.


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