SECONDARY RESEARCH: ‘Op-ed: Making the case against Fast Fashion Collaborations’


An article published in THE BUSINESS OF FASHION, which makes a case against designer collaborations with high street fast-fashion brands.


Eugene Rabkin, who is also the editor of STYLEZEITGEIST.  STYLEZEITGEIST is an online magazine for those passionate about authentic fashion design, and aims to cultivate an online discussion space where fashion can be separated from commercialism and celebrity culture. This background illuminates Rabkin’s ‘anti-fastfashion’ positionality. .


  • Aligns with my perspective that fast fashion as a ‘democratic enterprise’ is nothing more than a facade masking commercial motives.
  • Argues that the words FASHION and DEMOCRATISATION no longer have meaning.

 ‘What is called the democratisation of fashion, is really the bastardisation of fashion, that is taking a designer’s ideas and watering them down for mass consumption’.

  •  Highlights how ‘fashion’ which used to be solely defined as the careful design and craftsmanship of designers has been co-opted by highstreet fast fashion. Consequently ‘fashion’ is no longer about the clothing itself, but the clothing’s representation as ‘on trend’. This has transformed shopping into a leisure activity and produced irresponsible consumer behaviour.

‘According to Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development (TRAID), consumers in the UK purchase a whopping 2.15 million tonnes of new clothing a year. They also throw away over 900,000 garments each year, sometimes with the sales tags still on them’.

‘Buying into a style, quickly and cheaply, inevitably leads to the disposability of style. It’s like reading the Cliff’s Notes instead of the book’.

  • Using a case study of designer/highstreet collaborations, this article makes the point I am also interested in making that fast fashion is far from democratic.

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