RESEARCH TASK 1 – London’s existing democratic fashion landscape.

Research Rationale. 

One of the 7003 research outputs I have set myself concerns mapping London’s existing ethical/democratic fashion landscape.  Since I am looking to develop an ethical brand concept for my FMP, this will allow me to get a feel for not only what fast fashion alternatives are already in place, but how these brands operate and what markets they target.  This piece of research is designed to provide me with inspiration and inform my brand concept development, whilst simultaneously allowing me to make sure that what I propose is innovative and is not just a copy of something which already exists in the market.


  • This ‘profile’ will comprise mainly of secondary research sources such as brand websites or any potentially relevant articles about how the brand functions.  I would like to include some primary research, however this is dependent on whether or not I feel the brand is especially important to informing my research process or developing my brand concept. Since my intention for this piece of research is simply to create a compact overview of London’s ethical fashion landscape , with my renowned ability to overcompensate, the less research I have access to the better.

Research Tool 

Whilst beginning my research for this output, I didn’t really know where to begin sourcing the relevant brands. I especially didn’t want to get trapped in the labyrinth of google, due to the amount of hours I have wasted searching where nothing particularly relevant has come up.  However for the first time in ages google proved it’s worth, when a search into ‘where to find ethical fashion’ led me straight to the holy grail – The Guardian Sustainable Fashion directory.

Over the past few years I’ve frequently heard people say “Well I’d love to buy more ethical fashion, but I’ve no idea where to start …” Here is our solution. Our directory will provide, I hope, a means of navigating the sometimes confusing world of ethical fashion and make it easy for you, the consumer, to find exactly what you are looking for.

The description speaks for itself. Listing over 100 hundred existing ethical fashion brands in an easily navigable format, this directory will provide an efficient way to explore London’s authentic democratic fashion landscape.

I additionally intend to use google search to source potential companies, as well as visiting any brands located in London to give me a feel for how democratic fashion is currently operate.  This is particularly relevant since I intend for EXPERIENTIAL RETAIL to form a significant component as my FMP as part of the process of building value between the consumer and the product.


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