The Research Process: IDEA GENERATION Work in Progress – 10/02/15

The Work In Progress…

The 10th of February workshop constituted our first Work in Progress for this module. For this WIP we were expected to focus on two objectives:

  1. A reflection on last terms research experience communicated through a SWOT ANALYSIS
  2. An impression of the direction my research will take this term leading up to my FMP, communicated visually through the ‘What do I love about Fashion’ Focus Board we were asked to construct.

For this presentation I felt that my research was exactly where it needed to be at this inductive stage of the process.  I had a general idea of where I was headed, whilst the process of exploding my ideas and the subsequent conduction of exploratory research into the relatively abstract themes which emerged, allowed me to highlight to myself the potential directions my research could travel building up the formation of my FMP.  However, unsurprisingly the main critique I received was that I had taken this process a little far, exploding my ideas so much that it was hard to communicate any potential directions my research could take at this point, or any structures which could begin to congeal around my initial inductive brainstorming. Although this was clear to me, I have to remember to use my visual communication as a tool to make this clear to others.  This was my key learning from this WIP.


Additional feedback and interesting points included…

  • Unclear writing – i brought my research files along documenting the research I have done so far and Emma made a point that my writing, whilst neat, is not always the easiest to read. That makes it even more important to provide regular updates through this blog reflecting on whatever I have done so far, to make my research process accessible to whoever marks my work.
  • Collaboration – Whilst I am interested in developing my technical design skills, i need to remember that this masters is only a year and I may not have time to evolve my skills to the professional level I would like them to be for my FMP. In a uni like UCA there is huge potential for collaboration with graphic designers, marketers etc, to elevate any outcomes to the professional level they are expected to reach and this is something I am expected to make use of.
  • Background Knowledge – One thing that constantly came up in all the WIP presentations, was a lack of background knowledge. Whilst the majority of students had picked out images they liked, they had no idea about the stylist, photographer and art director who had created the very effect they were drawn to. It is necessary with every image I analyse to note down whoever was involved in creating it, to allow me to gain an understanding of the creative identity of different practitioners, and to subsequently develop my own imaging style.

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