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Contemporary Fashion Theory highlights how Millennial Blog Culture has democratised fashion, taking it’s definition away from the confines of an exclusive group of designers, editors and buyers, and on to the street.  There is now a general understanding that ‘fashion’ can be whatever you intend it to be, rather than a set thing defined each season.  This has left the ‘fast fashion’ system structuring the industry n crisis, as the increasingly empowered innovative consumer looks to alternative avenues to define their own style outside of seasonal trends.

My proposed FMP brand concept ties into this discourse to propose an ‘alternative retail avenue’ which enables the consumer as creator. Process and product is confined within a single space allowing consumers to collaborate with young designers with a variety of distinct creative identities to co-create a garment that strongly aligns with their wants and needs.  This 7003 research blog tracks the research process, which resulted in the formation of my FMP brand concept which I proposed as the culmination of this module.


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